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Slate Roof Installation

Our team of master slate roofers and craftsmen specialise in the construction, installation, restoration and replacement of slate roofs. We also install terracotta shingle and plain tile roofs, and repair slate roofs.

We are committed to the highest level of craftsmanship, from the smallest repair to complete installation jobs.

Our experienced team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from the UK and Europe. Slate Roofing Australia has the expertise to seamlessly work between small contemporary buildings, such as residential terraces, right up to large heritage restoration projects, including churches, schools, universities and government buildings.

Complementing our team are our:

  • German master roofers, who specialise in copper and zinc standing-seam roofs,
    gutters, down pipes, rainwater heads, valleys, flashings and box gutters,
  • UK lead workers, whose specialties include batten-roll lead roofs, lead box gutters, lead valleys, lead flashings, hips, ridges, valleys, and weathering. He is also skilled in the delicate art of vertical lead welding.

Award-winning projects

We are consistently recognised within the roofing and building industries for our excellence in slate and terracotta shingles installation. Take a look at some of our award-winning projects:

Master Roof Tilers and Slaters 2017 Craftsman of the Year Award for Tower House, Castle Hill
Master Roof Tilers and Slaters 2017 Best Commercial Project Award for Tower House, Castle Hill
Master Roof Tilers and Slaters 2017 Best Extension, Re-Roofing etc. Award for Victoria Cottage
Master Roof Tilers and Slaters 2017 Best Roof Residential Project Finalist for Lober House, Castle Hill
Master Roof Tilers and Slaters 2017 Best Use of Roofing Slate Finalist for Victoria Cottage
Master Builders Association 2015 Best Roof Award for a Residential House Dural, NSW
Master Builders Association 2014 Restoration of a Historical Building Award for the replacement and maintenance of Maitland Courthouse, NSW

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