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Ultimo Pumping Station


Slate Roofing Australia was contracted to reroof the historic Ultimo Pumping Station slate roof. Slate Roofing Australia replaced the existing slate roof with Welsh slate from Penrhyn.

Designed in the Federation free style in 1901, this prominent industrial building was Sydney’s first electric sewage pumping station and is still in service today. The scale, colour, texture and location of this historical building give it considerable streetscape value. Slate Roofing Australia refurbished the roof of the heritage-listed pumping station with Welsh Penrhyn slate in 2016.

Historically it was part of an original network of twenty sewage pumping stations constructed in Sydney at the end of the 19th century. The station was a key component of this network, being the largest and controlling station for the performance of the other first generation stations.

Aesthetically it is an excellent example of a substantial and prominent industrial building designed in the Federation Free style which due to its scale, colour, texture, and location have considerable streetscape value.

In its surviving fabric SP0001 provides evidence of technical excellence in traditional construction techniques and craftsmanship, such as the stone dressings around the entrance openings. It has educational potential in revealing the development of sewage pumping engineering works and architectural taste in a period when utilitarian buildings were given as much careful attention as public buildings. It is also technically significant for its continual use as a low-level sewage pumping station as originally designed and constructed, albeit with mechanical and electrical upgrading.

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